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The Making of "Meet the Sandvich"
Written by Unknown on 17.10.2008 Time 14:11

Everyone of us were totally surprised when Valve revealed the Meet the Sandvich video at the release of the Heavy-Update. But if you think that the video alone is the most surprising thing in the world, then you’re wrong! The story behind the video is even more surprising. In the newest entry of Valve’s Official Team Fortress 2 Blog, the Valve Writing Staff reports about the making of the video.

TF2 Meet the Sandvich

The Sandvich was supposed to be the main actor in the new movie right from the beginning, but the script for the video changed dramatically. The script, written by Erik and Jay, was supposed to include the complete script from the films Predator and Road House. It included every line, word for word.
The script book has been shred in no time.

TF2 Sandvich

Standing there with no script, both writers and voice actors discussed a while and came to the decision to record some improvised performances. The results were satisfying, and they agreed to create the video by using these records.
The result is the Meet the Sandvich video as we know it today.


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