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TCM with new Scout: Zerox
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 17.10.2008 Time 15:20

The search of TCM - Team Coolermaster (former ^wotr^) for a new Scout is finished. Zerox which played for Fracture and The Last Resort befor has taken the spot in the Team about Byte.

Following a extract of the interview from TF2 Gossip:

How does it feel stepping into arguably one of the best scout duos in european as well as TCM in general?
Feels quite good to know u have a strong scout as your partner, but we still need to get used to each other now and get our teamplay working so I can meet the expectations that tcm has put on me.

Zerox replaces the former Scout AppZ.
AppZ was angry about the behaviour of a few players after complaining about the efforts of the team which were decreasing after the change to TCM.

Nobody seemed to be learning from their mistakes and while getting the TCM sponsorship and beating 4Kings a few times when they were a bit ropey, it seemed to inflate egos a bit.
So anyway they finally got fed up of my constant abuse on vent due to peoples incompetance and lack of ability so they decided they didnt want me around anymore.

If AppZ is looking for a team or if he will create something new with some others isn't known at the moment.


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