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FrenchKiss goes redLine | MeMento folded
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 27.10.2008 Time 09:49

The team FrenchKiss is following the actual trend and is now playing under the flag of redLine.

This was already been done by teams like TCM (ex-wotr1) or Druidz (ex-Vale) which have changed to multigaming clans and large organisations.

redLine.TF2 aka FrenchKiss aka ThaiWhine is playing actually in division 2A of the ETF2L and is holding the 2nd place. Certenly they lost their last match against the r@ts.

Statement by AnAkIn
We have been searching for a suitable organization for a long time. Our goal has been to find one which could offer us LAN support. RedLine will be doing that and that's mostly why we joined them, and we are really happy to have done so.

RedLine Manager, Julien "SPOT" Nocco:

We have been following the former French Kiss players for a while, both in the EMS Qualifiers and ETF2L. After long weeks of discussions, RedLine is proud to welcome them under our roof.

We really think that TF2 is a game which'll be played in the future (next to CSS & FIFA, our others squads). We enjoy the fun side of TF2 a lot, next to the esport aspect of it. I hope France will follow the UK way and organizes TF2 events. Welcome to RedLine lads!

Source: (Cadred.org

Team link redLine.TF2 ETF2L

Another team which was consisting out of mostly ex TLR members has folded. We are talking about MeMento. First it was looking like the team can compensate leaving TLR the hope was over after leaving of Wlv, Darn and Zerox. Zerox is now playing for TCM and Darn for 4Kings.

Good luck to all ex MeMento players in finding a new team!


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