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Let the custom map party begin!
Written by Unknown on 28.10.2008 Time 12:54

We proudly announce that our TFPortal.de - Custom Map Party - Serveris finally ready for use. It features a fast map download and 24 slots to use.
This is the current map cycle:

  • dm_store
  • cp_egypt_v2
  • cp_fallout
  • cp_freight
  • cp_labor
  • cp_shock
  • pl_hoodoo_b3

If you have any suggestions for the map cycle, leave a comment here or take a look in the forums.

Talking about servers, we have an interesting deal to tell you: Our sponsor tiger24 features a special offer for their EPS-Gameservers at the moment. A clan server with 12 slots costs 15 € per month and a public server, also with 12 slots, costs 18 € per month.


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