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r@ts wins the SGL-Cup XI
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 31.10.2008 Time 09:25

Yesterday evening the 11th SGL Cup "A Short Sharp Shock 11" was taking place. The cup was started with 9 teams participating:

Festina Lente
Weapons of the Rebellion
LOL Team
Ninth Gaming
OPS Team
I Dont Know?

The maps Freight_b3, Fastlane, Badlands and Turbine were played. Due to the fact that only 9 teams were participating the first round was decieded nearly complete by free tickets. Only Festina Lente and wotr had to play on Freight_b3 against each other.

Wotr won the first round and the cup could start with all the other teams. r@ts and Ninth Gaming were reaching the final after winning 2 rounds.

On Turbine both finalists were showing that they wanted to wind. In a realy close game the r@ts could win with 10:9 the 11th SGL-Cup.


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