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Wireplay plans own Fortress Forever League
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 13.11.2008 Time 09:38

Due to high demand from players, the online games network Wireplay starts its first Fortress Forever 4v4 League. b0nes from clanda () will help out as the League administrator. Registrations are open until November 23th.

Nothing final is known about the groups and the mappool, but there are 11 regisered teams so far:

  • -=]P[=- - Priceless
  • .OnAcid - BunniesOnAcid
  • =AS= - Almost Skilled
  • DA - clanda
  • HoL - The House of Lords
  • RIP - Rest in Pieces
  • boX? - What's in the BoX?
  • iL. - Illuminati
  • m00 - m00 Clan
  • teamfail. - Fuck the Flag we quit
  • xeno. - ~Xeno-Project~

  • Let’s hope that this’ll turn out into another successful season with many participating teams.


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