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Wintercup - Round 1
Written by Unknown on 19.12.2008 Time 09:36

The TF2 Wintercup starts in about 29 hours. 39 teams from all over Europe are participating in the cup, including some famous teams like 4Kings, Team Druidz, Care Bears, LOL, DMG and S@W.

Round 1 starts at 19.00 CET with 7 matches in total. The Map is cp_granary.

TFPortal Wintercup - Round 1

Round 1
Point Guards - CSL.Reloaded :
The Lost Kings - ScArYsUcKeR :
Loveninjas - Krush Kill & Destroy :
Xen - Lowskill-Gaming :
Team Xplosion - Racoon :
Old Quake School - Robert Hartlauer Syndikat :
Missionarys Clan - Yummy Elite Sausages :

All matches taking place on Saturday will be broadcasted via Source TV. We're trying our best to setup all Source TV IPs, the links will follow soon.

The first broadcast starts at 18.30 CET on our sponsor Game-TV.com. The moderators are Volker from Game-TV.com and r@ts|MeeB from TFPortal.


Everyone, enjoy the Cup and have fun!

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