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Wintercup: Druidz wins - Wintercup overview
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 22.12.2008 Time 10:29

The TFPortal-Wintercup is over. From all 39 participated teams, only 35 of them showed up.

The Cup started at 19.00 CET with Round 1, 7 matches in total. All matches ended with a default win.
Round 2 was a bit more interesting, even though there were 3 default wins as well: 4Kings, Insanity-Gaming and Care Bears didn't show up on the servers.

Overview - Day 1 TFPortal Wintercup

The Cup continued the following day on Sunday, starting with Round 3. Game-TV.com broadcasted two matches via video stream from 18.20 to CET. TFP.Shizo explained each class from TF2 for the viewers. The matches started at 19.00 CET.
The Cup's favorite teams, Team Druidz and Soldiers at Work, fought against each other in the quarter finals. Player S@W from Soldiers at Work started the match with a great performance that resulted in a 1:0 for the Soldiers. Team Druidz, however, could strike back and ultimately won the match on Well with 4:1.
The second match was the semi finals match between GOTGAME.nonamerz and LOL. LOL was supposed to lose the match on CTF_Turbine, but then they really started and won with 5:3.
The other semi finals match was a creal win for Team Druidz. They won their match against Nameless TF2 Squad with 13:0.
For the final match, LOL choosed the map Granary, Team Druidz choosed the map Badlands. Team Druidz won both maps with 10:0 and 8:1 respectively.

This makes Team Druidz the winner of the TFPortal Wintercup. Congratulations!

Overview - Day 2 TFPortal Wintercup

We'd like to thank Game-TV.com, all teams and all viewers for their help on this Cup. A special thanks goes to all admins and other helpers who worked behind the scenes. They made this Cup possible in the first place.

Thank you very much!


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