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TFPortal special: TF2-Fun videos list
Written by Unknown on 30.12.2008 Time 17:01

It's New Year's Eve soon, so we though we should give you a final gift. That's why we present you our Team Fortress 2 fun videos list today! The list contains all videos ever shown in a news entry. Every video also has a link to its respective news entry it was introduced to our visitors, so if you need some additional information just click on the link to see more. The list is not limited to just videos though, it also contains some other fanstuff like a Sentry Gun assembled out of lego bricks or the album Rocking Fortress.
The list will be updated constantly updatet, so if you ever want to search after a specific video, the list is the right thing for you.

But that's not the end of our New Year's Eve special, we also have 4 new videos for you (which are, of course, also included to the list ;) )

Clanwars - Goldrush:Last Stand

This video shows a match between the two clans Frag Test Dummies and Super Squirrels who fought on the last Phase of the map Goldrush. The video has been imrpoved by using cinematic camera angles, special effects such as slowdowns and enhanced by background music from the Call of Duty 4 soundtrack. The result is just great, but look for yourself:

Meet the Sentry (2nd)

We already introduced a "Meet the Sentry" video, so this is the second instalment with the likable arch rival of every Scout player.
Please note that the spoken language is Russian, but the video contains English subtitles.

Music video: I'm your Medic

The song was composed by MySpace user Captain Spalding. The 5e-Community created this music video by using parts of some TF2 matches.

Toy Story TF2 style

And last but not least, here we have a scene from the Pixar movie Toy Story with some TF2 sounds. The toy soldiers are hiliarous.

The TFPortal-Team wishes you a happy new year!


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