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The changeover 2008 / 2009 - numbers and facts
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 30.12.2008 Time 20:29

Another year has ended. Good bye 2008!
Enough improvements within Team Fortress 2 happened. New maps, a lot of gameplay changes, achievments for 3 classes and of course the new weapons resulting of them.

What happened?

Next to the Medic and the Pyro the Heavy Guy got his class update. New maps like Turbine, Steel, Fastlane, Badwater, Goldrush and the Arena Mode have extended the mappool and the game modes of TF2.

TF2 Medic TF2 Pyro TF2 Heavy Guy

As new videos we got the "Meet the Sniper", the "Meet the Scout" and the "Meet the Sandvich".

Also at TFPortal itself we could reach a lot. The successful TFPortal-Wintercup in which 34 teams participated and was followed by over 1500 viewers. In 2008 we could win 1182 new users. With this news we have reached exectly 428 news this year and a amount of 2000 GB traffic was caused.
How much time we spent in running the page we can't tell you exactly. But its a pleasure for us to provide you with new TF2-Stuff all time long!!!

What will happen?

Here we wanna start with ourselfs. The TFPortal will get a new design and will be relaunched with a bunch of new features. This update is already long overdue.

With Team Fortress 2 we're awaiting the nex class updates. The scout will be next and will come with new weapons, achievments. New maps and videos should be released too.

The whole TFPortal-Team thanks for your visits, interest and your help on the site!

We're wishing a happy new year 2009! So celebrate and enjoy New Year's Eve
Wir wünschen euch einen Guten Rutsch ins kommende Jahr 2009! Feiert schön und lasst es ordentlich krachen.


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