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CP - Pro Fastlane *Update* Beta 2
Written by Unknown on 17.01.2009 Time 13:41

There has been much criticism regarding CP-Fastlane among high profiled clan players. The main points of criticism are the capture times for the control points as well as the fact that it's possible to defend the last Control Point while standing inside the spawn zone (and having the opportunity for fast healing and respawn).

Thanks to the user jiiven, a "pro" version of Fastlane is now available. Much like cp_pro_granary, "cp_pro_fastlane_b1" allows a much better league match experience due to its changes:

  • Spawn times on caps 4/5 have been increased a little
  • Capture times for cap 3 and 1/5 have been reduced
  • Last cap is reworked, and a resupply locker removed, to prevent teams from defending inside spawn.
  • Added some detail around the map so it doesn't feel so empty

An update was done. Many feedback came from the TF2-Community and the mapper reacted. Now we could present Pro_Fastlane-Beta2. Download the new file from our FTP. Link down below.

  • All changes in b1 were removed except spawn and capture times
  • Moved resupply lockers to back of the spawn
  • Made the walkway up to second floor @ Cap 1 closer to the wall to make splash damage more effective

You can find additional information as well as some screenshots of the added details on Gossip.TF2.

Also, you can download the new map here.


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