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New ideas - new classes - new game mode
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 21.01.2009 Time 13:32

The feedback concerning Team Fortress 2 are good in all areas. Whether in sales figures or the feedback of the customers.
The extensions which were made by Valve since the release of the game kept the number of people playing the game constant and were forming a hard core of players. Of course Valve were planning to keep on developing and improving the game after releasing the game but the focus wasn't set on the class updates. The success of the game gave the developers a new direction. 

Everybody knows that Valve is still working on Team Fortress 2. Also that there are a lot of new ideas. But how these ideas are look like?

TF2 - Demo & PyroTF2 - Demo & Soldier TF2 - Heavy & Scout

In the past we got new maps, class updates and game modes. There were gossip about a 10th class - and guess what... thats true!

Robin Walker now told that there are a lot of concepts and prototypes for new classes at Valve. However the development of that classes are slow and they are keeping focus on their main target - providing the classes with alternative weapons and achievements.

Actually they are working next to the scout update on a new payload map. Also on a new, "completely different" game mode. Also the community can look forward to more community maps which will be included in the next update.
Robin Walker expects the update to be released early this year.

There are a lot of ToDo's which are waiting to be done. Robin Walker mentioned that disguising of the spy seems to be useless in the meantime. The players are too good in detecting of enemy spies.

Details to the new game mode should be announced soon.

So stay tuned!


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