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Surgical operation at Natascha
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 24.01.2009 Time 17:20

No, Valve didn't changed the branch. Natascha, the Heavy weapon gets an operation done with the code scalpel. That's what Robin Walker wrote an user which has posted the answer within the Steam forum. Regarding to another thread a Team Fortress 2 update will be released early next week. If the Scout update will be contained is not known yet. But we think it will not be contained.

The operation will be without anesthesia and look like the following: A small bugfix will be implanted which will fix an issue with Natascha which is causing the weapon to do only 66% damage instead of 75% damage which was always mentioned.

Due to the fact that Natascha is nearly unuesed, the amount of speed reduction will be adjusted too. The amount will be increased so that players will be more slowed down in future.

Robin Walker has given information regarding the weapon design. In this case the weapon design of the Heavy.

Answer regarding to the weapon design posted in the steam forum
Sorry for the late reply on this one, I’m getting behind in my email answering. The 66% damage thread is correct, it was bugged. We’ve found & should have a fix for it out shortly. On top of that, we’ve slightly improved the amount of slowdown it causes.

Some of our weapon designs have specific subclass / roles associated with them (like the Pyro’s Backburner, which is aimed at enabling an ambush playstyle). Others are aimed at providing players with choices that don’t have clear outcomes, and allow some personal preference. Natascha lies somewhere between these two. We wanted Natascha to be a weapon where players could debate between the overall value of more damage vs more time to hit the opponent. In some cases, more damage is more useful (you’re a lone Heavy running into an enemy Soldier). In other cases, the movement reduction is more useful (You’re keeping enemies from getting away while team mates are firing at them, or you’ve dropped down behind an enemy). Obviously, the movement reduction is more useful on enemies that want to get away, so if an enemy team is stacking Medics & Scouts, it should be a viable choice.


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