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Update today - Scout Pack soon
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 28.01.2009 Time 08:01

It's nearly there. We have to be patient only a few days. The Scout Update is nearly done and is waiting to be released. The design and coding team from Valve is already working on the next class update. Only the artwork isn't finished yet.

Valve has tested a lot of different Scattergun alternatives. It was kinda tricky to integrate the new Scout weapons due to the fact that there is a large gap between "casual" and "more-skilled" players. As everytime a balancing issue!

TF2 - Meet the Scout TF2 - Meet the Scout

Before the Scout update there will be a Update regarding to Robin Walker on the TF2-Blog which will fix some bugs and exploits. Amongst others the actually reduced damage of natasha (only 66% instead of 75%) will be fixed. After that an update will change the way unlocked weapons are saved. The equipped weapons will now be safed in a steam cloud so you always got the weapons on your characters which you equipped last (no matter if you change the pc for example).
After the release of these two updates the Scout Update will be shipped finally.

Furthermore Robin is answering to a question from the community:
The muzzle flash of the Minigun which some of you might still know from the TF2-Trailer was changed due to technical reason. The effect was made before implementing the new particle system. After implementing the particle system the muzzle flash didn't fit to the comic style of TF2 anymore.


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