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The Art of Scouting
Written by Unknown on 30.01.2009 Time 22:30

The Scout update is coming soon. To celebrate this, Robin Walker reports about the artistic development of the Scout class in the official Team Fortress 2 blog.
According to him, the Scout was one of the first classes to be worked on with the new shading style in mind. The results were "groundbreaking", but look for yourself:

The first artwork shows a "wired-up-on-coffee bike messenger". Valve though that this would be a good basis for the future development.

TF2 Scout Concept No.1

Here we have a picture from the time period when the development team was slowly changing from the realistic military style to the comic style as we know TF2 today.

TF2 Scout Concept No.1

The artist from this artwork didn't want to comment it. Here you can see the headset the Scout should wear in its final design.

TF2 Scout Concept No.1

This picture is meant to compare various designs for the Scout and how it would affect its silhouettes.

TF2 Scout Concept No.1


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