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Fun Cups about to start
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 31.01.2009 Time 14:39

Whoever regularly visits the homepage of the biggest European TF2-league, the ETF2L, will have already seen it. For the others a little reminder here.

The ETF2L will host a few fun cups in near future. These are:

Basketball 2on2 Cup

This one will be played on the custommap ctf_bball2 which features a simple basketball arena with one neutral intel. The goal is to rocketjump as soldier onto the enemy's basket while holding the intel to score points. Theoretically this would be possible as demoman as well, but after a few polls the admins decided to set a soldier-only-limit because the demoman sucks out the fun of the game here.
We are curious if the titleholder "Massive Meat" can win the cup again.

Instagib CTF 4on4 Cup

A user called MikeDS recently created an instagib-mod for TF2. You play a scout with a sniper rifle and infinite ammo there, and one hit with it instantly kills the enemy. This mod gained much popularity because of a thread in the ETF2L forums and we can likely look forward to many exciting and funny matches.

Scout 2on2 Cup

There's not much to say about it yet since the admins still discuss rules/maps etc. But be told: Bring a scout-buddy with you ;)

Highlander Cup

Surely the highlight under the fun cups, because 9on9 + classlimit 1 = pure fun :) Titleholder here is the team "Second to Last", consisting of div1 & div2 players.

If you plan to join the Bball cup or the IG cup you should hurry, because theres only time until today, 01.Feb 2009 10:59pm GMT before the signup phase closes. To participate, you have to register a separate 2on2 resp. 4on4 team.
Signups for the Scout 2on2 cup and the Highlander Cup start on Sunday 8th Feb 2009 approximately at 07:00pm GMT.


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