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Top-Games & Coverage tonight
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 01.02.2009 Time 11:02

Whoever has time and nothing to do tonight, be told: Tonight there are some TF2-Top-Games to watch, partly with live-coverage.

Highlights of today are the matches between Delirium
and weapons of the rebelion (Event: ETF2L Season 4 Week 2, Start at 08:00pm GMT) resp. Complexity and Team CoolerMaster (Event: EMS Playoffs, Start at 07:00pm GMT).
Despite the fact that d' consists of many strong players and already won the div1-promotion-cup, favortie in this match should be the long-existing ^wotr^. Coverage for this game is offered by ETF2L Radio.

The winner of the match between coL., which is made up of the old members of Pandemic, and TCM is not really predictable. Pwnage.TV brings you a broadcast for this game.


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