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Ubersexuals joins Trademark Gamers
Written by Unknown on 13.02.2009 Time 15:41

That's what we call a big deal: The Ubersexuals joins the Multigaming Organization Trademark Gamers. According to a statement from Dunc, they avoided joining a MGO in the past, but with the United Kingdom eSports Association in mind and after some discussions between both sides, the team eventually decided to give Trademark Gamers a chance none the less.

[quote]Statement von Duncan "dunc" Wraight::
This team has effectively been together for around 14 months now in various guises. We've avoided the MGO zerg thus far but with the advent of UKeSA and having conversed with the TMGamers management for a few days now, we're all genuinely excited to get in to the organisation and start proving our abilities. We've sorted our recruitment and we're really starting to move forward again. I'm confident that it's simply a matter of time until we're better than ever, placing TmG.TF2 at the top of the European TF2 scene.[/quote]

The new team will participate on the UKeSa with the following line-up:

Duncan "dunc" Wraight
Jaakko "haza" Pelinappula
Marius "skre" Taraldsvik
Mikko "snap" Tuominen
Ricky "sommie" Eriksson
Sindre "treigzak" Børresen
Karl "weqo" Terävä
Kai "Rubber Johnny" Kuthan


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