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Fortress Forever patch - Goodbye GIGA
Written by Unknown on 13.02.2009 Time 15:57

A new patch for the Source mod Fortress Forever has been released. Patch 2.3 features changes regarding health packs and Spy sabotage, among others.


You can find the full list of changes here.

It was announced that GIGA, a series of German television shows, will cease its productions. The reason for the shutdown is rumored to be financial problems (in other words, yet another victim of the current economic crisis).
GIGA started as a television show in 1998, reporting about themes like stars, sports & fun and internet themes. In 2000, GIGA GAMES, a show focused on video and computer games only, started broadcasting. It was, at that time, the only public media to solely report about games. Since then the GIGA shows, its spin-offs and organization structure changed several times over the past 10 years, but also created a huge cult following for the show itself as well as for its moderators. GIGA also is notable for using the internet for integrating the community into the show, even back in 1998.

The TFPortal stuff thanks GIGA for over 10 years of entertainment and great journalism.


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