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HOT - Scout Update Next Week - The Sandman
Written by Unknown on 17.02.2009 Time 22:35

Yes!!!! The coutdown is running. In nearly one week we will get the new achievements, maps and unlock weapons for the Team Fortress 2 Scout class.

TF2 Scout Update - Unlocks

Valve announced this some minutes ago. Doug Lombardi send out an email which you can find here:

[quote]Doug Lombardi:
Scout Site Unveiling Release Details
February 17, 2008 - Valve, creators of award-winning games and leading technologies, today announced a set of new releases for Team Fortress 2, the title named Editor's Favorite Game of All Time by PC Gamer (UK). The releases are headline by the Scout Update and will be made available Tuesday, February 24. Between now and then, folks can learn more about what's coming by checking www.tf2.com/scoutupdate each day.

Valve will release all related information about the scout class pack in the next following 7 days. Each day (not at weekend) Valve release much more details, what the tf2 fan will get next tuesday.

Scout Weapon - The Sandman (Click)

TF2 Scout Update - The Sandman

What the feature of the Sandman? Take a look!

[quote]Scout Weapon - The Sandman
You Scouts are gonna love this highly collectible bat that smacks baseballs at the other team, stunning the living crap outta anybody dumb, slow, drunk, mute or Australian enough to get in the way. The farther the ball flies before ricocheting offa some chucklehead's skull, the longer he's gonna be stunned. And guys who think they're tough because they're invulnerable? It works on them too. Now the bad news: You can't double jump when you're carrying this little beauty. On the other hand, double jumping never put anybody in a coma.


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