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Team Fortress 2 - Scout-Update #2
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 18.02.2009 Time 19:05

Waiting for a sign of life of TF2 felt like forever, but yesterday Valve finally announced that the update will be released on the February 24th. They even gave us the first preview on the upcoming Scout update... The Sandman.

TF2 Scout Update - Unlocks

Today's update features two new maps: arena_watchtower and cp_junction.

arena_watchtower features more vertical space then any other arena map, making an arena map more Sniper-friendly then never before.

cp_junction is a rather old, but also rather well-balanced Control Point map. The procedure is the same as on cp_gravelpit: The BLU team needs to capture CP A and B first. After that's done, CP C will be unlocked, allowing them to capture it.
The map is a comparatively small map with tight spaces and short sight lines.


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