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Scout-Update #5 - Force-A-Nature
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 24.02.2009 Time 07:17

The last weekend maybe the longest for all scout fans out there. But the waiting is over after the last *cough* boring blog entry.

TF2 Scout Update - Unlock - Force A Nature

Valve presents the new main weapon of the lightweight one day before the update. It will be a double-barreled shotgun "Force-A-Nature" which already was shown on the picture from the engergy drink "Bonk" which was discussed much.

The name was also shown within the achiemenet descriptions of Fall Classic and Caught Napping, where you have to commit suicide using the weapon and killing 50 enemys from behind.

TF2 Scout Update - Unlock - Force A Nature

With this weapon you should be carefull. When firing in the air you will get boosted by their recoil.
But if you are on solid ground your enemys will be flying away by hitting them directly.

You should use the weapon with caution cause you got only one shot each and reloading takes a lot of time. So the weapon seems to be perfect for hit 'n' run tactics.

Furthermore Valve is offering a new t-shirt about the "Force-A-Nature" within the
Desweiteren bietet Valve im Steamstore. $19.95 (without shipping) you have to pay for the shirt. It is available in sizes for scouts up to heavys (S-XXXXL).

TF2 - Force A Nature T-Shirt

In the end you can chose the order in which the Achievements will be available by reaching the milestone achievements. You can find a vote therefore on the Scout Update page.

Now we just have to wait for the #6 news to see what we will getting from Valve also and of course downloading the update then.
As we already know from Valve this could be a long night then.
We from TFPortal are holding the fort to keep you uptodate.

So everybody which isn't having us as home page should change this as soon as possible.


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