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Dieses Programm zeigt euch eure Team Fortress 2 Stats in übersichtlicher Form. Dadurch spart man sich den Weg auf seine Steamseite oder den Weg in TF2.

The Unofficial Team Fortress 2 Stats Parser is the ideal tool for you if you play Team Fortress 2 and love to watch your progress through numbers and graphs.

The applications reads the local statistics file Team Fortress 2 creates (which contains more statistics than shown in-game), and presents the data for you in a number of value columns with several graph and exporting (to images, HTML, plain text or .dmx) possibilities.

Your achievements are read into the achievements window where you can monitor your progress, and view them in several categories based on achievement types ("General", "Medic", "Pyro", etc) and your status ("Attained", "In progress" or "Unattained").

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