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Run to the enemy base and steal their important documents! Once you make it back to your own documents (if they are in your base), your team gets one step closer to world domination (and scores a point)!

WASD: Run around, jump
Mouse: Aim
Left mouse: Shoot
n, m: Change Team/Class
left Shift: Show Scores

The right mouse button differs in function, based on the class you use.
The Detonator can use ti to detonate his mines, the Infiltrator can use it for disguise, and the Constructor can build Sentries on the spot with it. (disguise and sentry building didn't make the deadline release)

The Runner:
Weapon: Shotgun
Special abilities: Can doublejump

The Firebug:
Weapon: Flamethrower
Special abilities: Can set people on fire

The Rocket Man:
Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Special abilities: Rocket Jump

The Overweight:
Weapon: Chaingun
Special abilities: none

The Detonator:
Weapon: Minegun
Special abilities: Shoot and remote-detonate small sticky bombs

The Healer:
Weapon: none
Special abilities: Can heal people

The Constructor:
Weapon: Shotgun
Special abilities: Can build up to three Sentries. (defunct as of Deadline release)
The Infiltrator:
Weapon: Revolver
Special abilities: Can disguise as an enemy team member (defunct as of Deadline release)

The Rifleman:
Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Special abilities: Can aim further than the other classes

Gang Garrison
Gang Garrison
Gang Garrison
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