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Communityfortress.com: Interview with Robin Walker
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 22.07.2009 Time 16:08

Communityfortress.com was recently able to conduct an interesting interview with Robin Walker, TF2's lead designer, where they talked about the eSport scene and how Valve reacts to their wishes and ideas. We picked out some parts. The full interview is in our related links.

We're excited to see the steady growth of the TF2 competitive scene around the world, and we try to keep track of what we can do to help it. So far, most of that help has taken the form of feature additions to the game, but in the future I think we'd like to get more insight into what else we can do. In particular, I'd like to build some more bridges to organizers within the competitive community, which is something we've tried to do but still continue to have trouble with.

Robin Walker on which the next class update will be (soldier, demoman or engineer):

We don't really know yet, to be honest. We've still got lots of ideas for what we could do with TF2, but in the short term we'll continue to do what we've done up until now: not plan too far ahead, so we can remain fluid and reactive to the feedback we get from players. We already have a couple of large updates in the works that aren't tied to a specific class, so we'll see what you think of those.


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