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Tomorrow: EMS Final Dignitas vs Vale
Written by Unknown on 03.08.2009 Time 11:42

Showdown in the ESL! Tomorrow evening, eu Team Dignitas and eu Vale (former eu YoYoTech) are fighting for the win in the EMS Season 4 final. Maps played are cp_granary, cp_badlands and if necessary, cp_gravelpit as decider. Pwnage will start casting at 21.15 CET, SourceTV and n2o-TV will be announced here, if available.

The Lineups:

eu Team Dignitas
Agron, Ryb, Darn, Appe, Bybben, Rebeli

eu Vale
Springer, Byte, Haunter, Coinz, Skinnie, Arnold

eu Vale has to play without their Demo Numlocked. Byte is taking over this position instead. Rumours, that  euVale will fold after the final, have neither be confirmed nor denied yet.

EMS Final
04.08.2009 21:15 Uhr
Dignitas Vale


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