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Today: EMS Final Dignitas vs. Vale - Part 2
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 13.08.2009 Time 00:19

In the first game that eu Dignitas and eu Vale played to win the ESL Major Series, eu Vale was able to win the game. But they came from the lowerbracket, which means that eu Dignitas gets a second chance.

Will eu Dignitas be able to win the EMS again, or is eu Vale going to knock them off their throne in their, possibly, last match with the current line-up? We'll find out tomorrow. The maps played are cp_granary and cp_badlands. If it came to a draw, eu Dignitas would be able to choose one of these three maps: cp_well, cp_gravelpit and ctf_turbine.

Of course this event will be covered again. You can either watch the game at Pwnage.TV or calmly on SourceTV.

EMS Finale
13.08.2009 21:00 Uhr
Dignitas Vale


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