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ESL 6on6 League has started
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 26.08.2009 Time 11:54

After a one month sign-up phase, the ESL 6on6 League is finally having its 4th season. It starts today and there are 120 teams from all Europe that will be fighting for their best ranks in their division in the next two months.

In the last seven days before the league started, the ESL wanted all the participants to take answer misc. polls, so they could fit the rulebook to the player's wishes. These are their decisions: The Sandman will still be banned, although it was changed in the Classless Update, while the Force-A-Nature limit is set to 1. For the first seven days, there will be fixed maps for each day. An exception to this are cp_well and cp_fastlane, which can be replaced by cp_yukon_final if both teams agree.

All the teams are now able to make their appointments with their opponents. Each match day has to be played by three weeks after the default day at the latest.

Good luck to all players!


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