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TF2-Blog: Pixel tinkers listen up!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 14.01.2010 Time 19:46

With community maps like turbine, fastlane or steel, Valve included user content into one of its games for the first time. With today's announcement they are taking things a step further: They are now officially focusing on all the 3D and graphics artists which are now invited to send in their work to Valve to eventually have them included into the game. Your weapons or hats should fit the TF2-theme and match the proportions of the already released hats. The server has already been opened for uploads. For safety, you should take a look  at the "general terms and conditions".

The graphics gurus among you have now the possibility to design avatars for the official TF2  steam group. With overall measures of 184 by 184 pixels and a bit of creativity, you have everything it takes to participate.  Valve is also considered releasing the best subscriptions in a separated gallery. But enough facts for now, time for YOU to make your move. You are invited to show off your subscriptions in the comments section.


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