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EMS Finals between Power Gaming vs. TCM-Gaming
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 15.02.2010 Time 09:04

The EMS Finals between fi Power Gaming (formerly known as illegal) vs. eu TCM- Gaming will start this Tuesday Evening at 9:15pm (UTC +1). For everyone who would like to see a live coverage of the game there will be a german live stream from n2oTV hosted by mosepose and mvp.


EMS Finals
16.02.2010 09:15pm (UTC +1)
Power Gaming  
fi Power Gaming   eu TCM-Gaming
  • EMS Finals between Power Gaming (ex illegal) vs TCM-Gaming
  • n2oTV at 09:00pm (UTC +1) hosted by m(v)p
  • Matchlink
  • cp_well, cp_gravelpit, cp_well (decider Map)


Competitors TCM

  • de r@ts
  • fi illegal
  • fi Power Gaming

Competitors Power Gaming


  • eu rockit
  • eu TCM
  • eu .idk?
  • fi blight.
  • fi Power Gaming

And to make it even more complicated:

TCM has won against de r@ts, fi illegal and the old fi Power Gaming team. fi illegal has won against  eu rockit, and has lost against eu TCM, therefore they had to join the Loser Bracket where they had won against eu .idk?, fi blight and the old fi Power Gaming team. After that fi illegal formed a new team called fi Power Gaming. Since they had to play in the Loser Bracket, there will be another match if fi Power Gaming manages to win against eu TCM. 

For more overall look of the tournament, take a look at the playoff chart.



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