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r@ts joined TLR - r@ts² coming up!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 15.02.2010 Time 21:06

The german clan de r@ts will be playing under a different banner from now on. The british MGO gb The Last Resort aquired the team around  Ronny and mvp and, as a conclusion, will be present in the 1st Division of the ETF2L once more. Unofficially, the team will keep the name r@ts.

r@ts Line-Up:

  • Ronny
  • mvp
  • AAL
  • Thy
  • Gear
  • saiboat
  • Inqui
  • Rubber Johnny
  • atreides
  • Loe


None the less, there will still be a team wearing the official r@ts tag in competitive play. Our sources confirmed, that another team of well known players is being assembled and will be known as the r@ts² team.

We will publish the lineup as soon as we know.


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