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r@ts² - All facts about the new german team
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 21.02.2010 Time 12:22

Just a short time before the 7th ETF2L Season starts off the german Team de r@ts joined the british MGO gb The Last Resort. This already brought some rumors in the Team Fortress 2 E-Sports Scene. But the gossip talk even spread further when the rumor came up that a their will be a new r@ts² Team.

Now we can give you some detailed overview of the new lineup of de r@ts² and we talked with the Team Leader de prophet about his plans in their first ETF2L Season.


r@ts² Line-Up:


de crz /  de spookz


de phL


de prophet /  de kauz


de gniedler


How was the new team formed?

mvp had the idea to create a second Squad in which players with a lot of potential could be combined. Through the integration of a second squad the idea was born to pass strategies to the other squad via Mumble. This way the opportunitie was given to provide a common pracitce. I thought it was a very good idea and it turned out that even some more poeple where excited and wanted to join up.

What do you expect from the team?

I´m expecting that Team shows engagement to bring out the best the´ve got. Of course the fun to play TF2 as well as the team spirit should not be lost. Personally I think that we can play in Division 3 for some time and that we should always keep a look ahead! :)

 What are your plans now?

The ETF2L- Season just started, therefore we will have to wait until the next season before we can be represented. As i´m still a Leader of the team "eXorior" (Div4) I will first finish the already ongoing ETF2L- and WPTF2L- Seasons. The same applies for crz and gniedlier who still will be playing in their current Team "Team 4 Friends" (Div5) until the Season has finished. Therefore both teams still have enough time to look for reinforcement because we didn´t want to hurt other teams by taking away any active players.

In Additon we could get kauz and sp00kz to join up our Team. Both of them should still be known to TFC- Veterans. They are both still quite new to Team Fortress 2. Another new player is phL who just decided to make a comeback. You should still know him from the early Team Fortress 2 days when "RhineFire" and "it´s a farm" still dominated the german Scene.

Our immediate action will be to official play in the ESL Season as r@ts² and to cause some surprises.


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