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K1ck: New team announced!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 03.06.2010 Time 14:40

This saturday a well known MGO announced their re-entry into the TF2 scene. The portuegese clan K1ck eSports signed a new team for the upcoming season. The former Stoic team is lead by Crink and Super. The latter gave the following statement about the switch: 

"We started the team only wanting to have fun playing some matches but ended up having a really strong and well balanced lineup. So we started playing div1 teams and realized we could cope with the level. We are all looking forward to playing for K1ck eSports and doing our best in the future."

The lineup runs:

  • fi Rake
  • dk Super
  • il Royze
  • gb Vali
  • IE Daf
  • gb Crink
  • gb Jones

K1ck was founded in 1998 and became famous by numerous successes in the Quake scene. "Back to the roots" was their catch phrase as they signed the former Cruciamentum TF2-team. Unfortunately, the team folded by the end of the season, replacements for the key positions could not be found. By the end of the 3rd season, the team was listed 5th in the first division of ETF2L.

3 monts later, the empty space was filled with the former Vintage team. A mix of the previously discontinued teams Nervous and redline. 5 weeks later, this team also folded because of cheating accusations against the whole squad.


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