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Trick or Treat...?
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 30.10.2010 Time 11:14

The Halloween Event, which arose thorugh the collaboration of TFPortal.de, Band of Lovers and Plan7 is already ongoing and the server hums happily. Though, while the communities blows rockets, pipes, syringens, bullets and other several exotic projectiles in each other's faces, we puzzled something special for you in our laboratories:

The Halloween-Contest !


Absolutely right !

The participation is simple: play TF2! In fact on the Loveshack by BoL.

Join now


Moreover, we hid pumpkins on the pages TFPortal and BoL and p7 for you. Surf our pages and the ones by our lovely partners and count the pumkins. Send the correct number of all pumkins to us, and the lucky winner of our draw price will be chosen at random. The graphic looks like this one:



Generally spoken, every pumpkin on our page, as well as the ones on our partner pages,  counts, except the ones, which can be managed by the users themsleves.  That means guestbooks, forums or our trading system. However, as a hint, the one in our data base counts( the pumpkin in this use does not!).

Sounds good?

Better still: A contest would'nt be a contest, if there is no price (despite honour, pomp and circumstance, which awaits you if you schould bue announced as a winner):

All winners get a nice, rare and, at the deisre of Meeb, personally worn Portal 2 T-Shirt !

However, there are 3 little catches:

1.) Every participant can win once.

2.) If you want to participate, make sure you add your Steam-ID to your solution so that we can contact you on Steam and for reasons of  obvious identification.

3.) TFPortal Staff, members of BoL and members of Plan 7 are basically barred from the competition.

Your Solution which includes the right number of pumpkins as well as your Steam-ID should be sent here. All transmittals coming in until 00:00 take part. Please avoid sending solutions after 00:00 so that my inbox is not flooded for days;)

Happy Halloween to the whole community Lächelnd


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