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5.000.000 Visitors! TFPortal says "Thank you!"
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.11.2010 Time 14:52

TFPortal 5.000.000 Besucher

Granted, the real number should be a lot higher since this site exists for over ten years now. We use the data recorded since January 2008, everything prior to this date has been lost due to domain name change, server change and server crashes, among other reasons (See History of TFPortal for details).

Still, 5 million users in almost 3 years is quite an achievement. We couldn't have reached that number without the support of the community. For that, we thank you very much!

We'll continue to report about everything TF2-related in the future, but we also recently started to report about a few Steam-related things, including Client updates and game deals. We may be TF2 fans, but above all else, we're gamers. So a little talk about something gaming-related won't hurt, right?

So long, and thanks for all the fish!  - Scout


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