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EMS Consolidation Final
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 11.12.2010 Time 22:50

This is it, the final phase of the ESL Major Series. After the impressive match from last Sunday against  eu TCM, de Blight Gaming is back to fight against fi  Power Gaming. It's a big deal actually, since it's the first time ever for a German team to reach the finals of the EMS Consolidation Final. Should they win, they'll fight against  euEpsilon in the finals and win the big price of 400€ (that's 528$ btw).

Both teams had to go a long way for this match.

 de Blight Gaming lost its match in the first match in the playoffs and was sent to the loser braket early on. After that, they won every match in the braket and are only one step away from winning the season after all. They might've lost their match in the ESH Cup recently, but their chances are good overall.

 fi  Power Gaming won all of their matches until they lost against  euEpsilon. Should they win against Blight, they can get their revenge on them.

Either way, it's a decisife battle for both teams. The match starts at 21:15 CET. The maps are cp_granary and cp_badlands, with cp_gravelpit being the third map in case of a tie on the first two maps.

EMS Consolidation Final
Sonntag, 12.12.10 21:15 Uhr

Power Blight

Today's match comments were not contributed from the team captions, but from important team members none the less: ,  gb TCM | byte and  de n2o | mosepose share their thoughts about the upcoming match.


 TCM | byte:

"With PwR stepping up their game this season, it's going to take the majestic blight gaming to come up with something special, if blight can play like they were playing 2/3 months ago, PwR may have to sweat and face the possibility of defeat. This could be a close battle if we see blight going 'all-out, and I'm sure the audience would love that so come on you germans play like your fellow footballers did in the world cup xD?

As a prediction I expect to see PwR win maybe in 3 maps,unfortuately with power despite the form they are in, you can never 100% guarantee they will lose or win, very much "star-player" dependant (excluding Kyynel who's just a pro every game :D).

 n2o | mosepose:

"If you compare the performance of each team in the past weeks, it becomes appearent that noone can become as godlike and dominating like Dignitas in its prime. Everyone can join the elite class these days, and there's no better example for this then Blight. The loss against Dignitas in the ESH Cup was unfortunate, but I guess it just means more hard training for marco and his team so they can win enough money for his new mouse.

My prediction: Blight will win 2:1."


 Blight : deGeaR , de Ronny , de Thy, de basH,  havoK, de marco.

Power: tba


n2o will broadcast the game. The broadcast starts at 21:00 CET with de mosepose and  de Deathknight commenting the match.


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