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Winter Assembly LAN!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.02.2011 Time 14:59

The first in a series of great LAN events of 2011 enters its second day. The  Winter Assembly 2011.

There is a TF2 tournament going on there with impressive prices: 1700€ for the first, 850€ for the second and 560€ for the third contender.

Group matches have been carried out, so the semi finals are due: They will be taking place today at 16:30. The competing teams are  eu Epsilon vs.  fi  Power Gaming and  eu  Dignitas vs.  fi  Refuse.

The finale and the match for the third winner will be taking place at 19:30.  will be covering live with  nl The Pledge from the event starting at 16:15 with the eu Epsilon vs. fi Power Gaming  match. He is supported by   The Admirable, who will be casting for cadred.

The favorites were able to sustain the group phase, but there were some interesting matches. You can watch them as VOD at TF2TV. Some include  de marco as co-host.

 eu Dignitas vs. fi Refuse:   relay.toaster.fi:27021

                       eu Epsilon  vs. fi Power:     relay.toaster.fi:27020

Be there and have fun!


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