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Improved Taunts Mod
Written by Unknown on 14.09.2011 Time 14:39

Taunts are one of Team Fortress 2's best features. Maybe you don't agree with me, but is undeniable that they add to the personality of the classes and the overall atmosphere and fun of the game. Sadly, not all weapons have a taunt animation. So what should I do? Simple, get a mod to add new taunts to the game!

The Improved Taunts Mod made by Gamemaster1379 adds new lines to most existing taunts and adds taunts to weapons who didn't have one before (Wrangler, Jarate). What's more, some custon-made animations are included as well, giving the GRU, the Flare Gun and the Eternal Reward a new taunt.

Here's a trailer of some of the new animations:

Improved Taunts Mod: Version 1.3 Release



You can download the mod here. Simply extract the content to your Team Fortress 2 directory ( \Steam\steamapps\YOURUSERNAME\team fortress 2\tf ) and you can use the taunts yourself. Just in case, make a backup of your models and sound folder. Also, please note that this is only a client mod and the taunts will only be visible by you - others can only see the mod if they have installed the mod as well.


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