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Our christmas gift for you: Trade system 2.0
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 24.12.2011 Time 15:46

After many months of work it is finally done. And just in time for Christmas, we present our gift to you: the new and improved Trade-System. Until today, our coding genius Hobbybashor worked on the new version to finish it in time for this years Christmas.

Of course, big changes bring big risks, so it may be possible that some bugs are still present in the system. Please report them in our feedback forum or in the comment section.

Trade System

So, what changed in the new version: Here's our changelog

  • Traders can receive positive votes when completing trades (1x per user)
  • Items are automatically parsed from your backpack
  • All attributes can be edited later on (quality, name, color, effects)
  • Old trade offerings sadly couldn't be ported to the new system.

The whole code base of the trade system was redone from ground up. This will enable us to add more cool features in the future, like a search function for example.


Trade System Attribute hinzufügen icon

Trade System Attribute hinzufügen
Trade System Voten

Trade on!


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