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TF2 Bomberman Mod - Bombs Away!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 13.03.2012 Time 14:36

Mecha the Slag is one of the best and most active modders in the Team Fortress 2 community. The Travis Touchdown model, Parkour Fortress, Advanced Weaponiser, TF2Ware - these are all his creations. His newest project, which was done together with Lefonna, is something that was long overdue - a mod that pays tribute to the Demoman/Bomberman connection. Joe Pereira did it first, but Mecha comes closer to the real thing.

In the Bomberman mod, you play as Demoman-only and use stickies to destroy the blocks. Just like in the real Bomberman game, you can collect powerups to increase your reload speed, movement speed, number of maximum stickies used ect. If you die, you can spam grenades on still-living players - just like in the real games, too!

TF2 Bomberman Mod - Slag Gaming

The mod is currently running on one of Slag Gaming's servers via map rotation. See the official site for the link, or if you prefer to conntect to the server directly:


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