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Source Filmmaker - Open Beta started - TF2 Update
Written by Unknown on 11.07.2012 Time 10:10

It did not take long.  Two weeks after the closed beta started,  the beta version of the Source Filmmaker has been made available for all Steam users. It is easily downloadable and usable via Steam. 

If required, the Meet the Engineer and the Meet the Heavy Video are available as teaching materials in the SFM. There are lots of new Videos on youtube already, which were made with the Source Filmmaker Tool. We would like to show you the "Meet the Family" video as an example.

Source Filmmaker - Meet the Family

Furthermore, there was a tiny update for Team Fortress 2 which included the new ESL Season VI and Season VII Medals and two new promotional items for the game. What's in the Sandvich Box? and What's in the Companion Square Box?.

The way to get the new promo items isn't known yet. Whats within them, though, is most likely known: According to the website of Tomopop, the sandvich promo item is a welded sandvich. A promo code for this, may be rewarded to people visiting the Comic Con 2012 in San Diego in a real-Sandvich costume. It seems, that the people in Europe draw out the short straw here. Secondly, the Companion Square promotional item is likely a Companion Cube with a duck face. However, the way to achieve remains a secret.

All further changes in the following Changelog:

Team Fortress 2

  • Added the ESL Season VI and Season VII medals
  • Fixed a client/server crash when re-connecting to the item server
  • Fixed The Business Casual tie not being blue for the Blue team
  • Fixed body groups not hiding correctly on ragdolls

Undocumented Changes

  • Added Sandvich Promo
  • Added Companion Square Promo


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