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TF2 Coop Category and nVidia Crash Fix*UPDATE*
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 29.11.2012 Time 20:14

Hello Community,

among all thue updates, here is something that is on our own account.

TF2 Coop

As you propably have seen, there is a new category on the left side which is called "TF2 Coop". This article ought to provide all the necessary information about the Mann vs. Machine Gamemode. (Translatiion in progress)

Moreover, I have opened a thread in the forums, that should work as a acollection for tips and tactics. I really hope that some of you have some tricks or strategies that you want to share, or you even  may want to write a guide? I beg for your help here: post everything you have (best from your own experience) concerning MvM in this thread. This way, you can contribute to the Community and even help some newer players. Here is a small enticement: I raffle a game each for the two persons that write the best article, e.g. a good tips collection oder a class guide.

This is the way to the Thread: Mann vs Machine Tactics

UPDATE: The main article is now online, as well as the MvM maps section. Since the remaining parts are not completely translated yet, we will try to have them asap!

nVidia Soundloop/Blackscreen Crash Fix

Moreover, I created a tutorial today(only in german), that might proove usefull for users of the nVidia Geforce series 6, 7, 8, 9 and 200 for PCs, when you have experienced ongoing Soundloop/Blackscreen Crashes in Team Fortress 2 and other Source Games. A long story short, you just have to uninstall the recent graphic drivers and reinstall an older one, namely the 182.50 WHQL driver. This is explained more thoroughly in the respective tutorial:  Link to Tutorial

By the way, here is a very funny Machinima to fill up the news:



Thanks for your attention!


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