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TFPortal is starting to the Games Convention
Written by Unknown on 22.08.2007 Time 03:13

Usually I would already be asleep for hours by now but the current circumstances and the excitement don’t give me the quietude which would be necessary for the preparation of the Games Convention 2007.

At 3:30am TFPortal starts the coverage of the Games Convention. We will present you a complete coverage of this year’s Games Convention.

That means:

We will look after other hot games apart from Team Fortress 2 and Valve. Why? For the first time we have the opportunity to spend more than one day on the GC. Thus we have more time to deal with various developers, their ideas and their realizations (games).

Apart from the news we will publish some brand-new screenshots on this site.

We hope that during the next three days you will refresh this site constantly to find out what we experience on the Games Convention.


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