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Pictures and Videos of the Games Convention online
Written by Unknown on 24.08.2007 Time 12:41

115 Pictures of Team Fortress 2 and the Games Convention were uploaded by us. They show some impressions of this year’s exhibition and our experiences with Team Fortress 2.

TF2 - Map Granary TF2 - Ingame Sentry Gun TF2 - Ingame Team choise

Also we uploaded two videos, which show some extracts of our team Fortress 2 testing. The videos are 2:30 (108 MB) and 1:00 (42 MB) minutes long.

Games Convention 2007 - TF2 Tent Games Convention 2007 - TF2 Tent - Test Games Convention 2007 - Orange Box Presentation

The special features about the Games Convention and our Team Fortress 2 test will follow shortly. We would be glad if you give us some feedback. Just write something in the comments.

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