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Orange Box best PC-Game 2007
Written by Unknown on 15.12.2007 Time 12:06

Las Vegas, big city of gambling and award shows. Some days ago, the Spike TV Video Gaming Awards 2007 took place.

Orange Box had been nominated several time, but could only take first place in the category "Best PC Game Award" before Bioshock, World in Conflict and Crysis.

With its unique gameplay, Portal took first place in the category "Breakthrough Technology".

Bioshock became "Game of the Year 2007" and "Best XBox260 Game". Call of Duty 4 was chosen "Best Shooter". Halo 3 was elected "Best Multiplayer Game".

Reffering to graphics, the jury was convicted of Crysis.

No game dominated this year's awards, as there were many blockbuster games like Bioshock, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3 and many others.


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